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ChromeLite: experience the ASCII Web of yesteryear

ChromeLite ASCII extension
Have you ever wondered what the Web was like before the Mosaic Web browser? If you were born in the last 20-odd years, or you only discovered your inner geek recently, did you miss out on monochrome monitors and the dial-up BBS era? Well, here's your chance to get a sneak peek at history: grab the ChromeLite extension and marvel as the entire Web is transformed into ASCII characters.

Now, ChromeLite isn't really all that functional. For the most part, it simply strips images and converts text into a monospaced terminal font. There are a few Easter eggs inserted -- such as a fun message at the bottom of YouTube (image after the break) -- and some fun ASCII art, but that's about it. Rather oddly, most JavaScript continues to work -- so you can still enjoy Google Instant Search!

ChromeLite was actually made by Google as an April Fools' joke -- and indeed, an annoying 'you can uninstall this!' message appears at the top of every page -- but we're kind of hoping that Google, or another developer, takes ChromeLite and turns it into a real ASCII browsing extension with configurable settings. If anything, it will provide an easy way to save bandwidth and CPU time.

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ShopAndroid Daily Giveaway #61: SGP Leather Case for Kindle Fire, LG Spectrum Icon Case & more

Welcome back to another week of giveaway's from! Today we're featuring the SGP Leather Case for Kindle Fire, Body Glove Icon Case for LG Spectrum, Seidio Horizontal Slim Fit Leather Case, and the Mobi Hard Shell Case for Droid RAZR MAXX.

To become eligible to win one of these featured accessories, just leave your comment below stating which item you'd like for your Android device.  One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

SGP Leather Case for Kindle Fire

The SGP Leather Case is a foldable stand case designed to harmonize with the simple and slim form of the Amazon Kindle Fire. This case is made with leather that would provide an excellent protection against shocks and impacts. The portion of the case on which the Kindle Fire rests is made from polycarbonate plastic. The matte surface of the polycarbonate makes it smooth to the touch.

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ZTE Optik review (Sprint)

ZTE Optik

The ZTE Optik is a nice little surprise from Sprint. It's an unassuming but well-built and well-running 7-inch Honeycomb tablet that runs on Sprint's 3G network, and it is probably one of the better devices nobody has heard much about. With no gimmicks like a digital stylus or a foldable keyboard dock, it's easy to forget about the Optik. Hit the break to see why you shouldn't.


The Good

The Optik is really nicely built, the fit and finish on our unit was darn near perfect, and the parts used had a quality feel. It's also very nice to hold, partially because of the rubber grips. The screen is top-notch and better than most other 7-inch devices

The Bad

It has to be said -- there is no 4G on the Optik. It's also another new device already one major Android version behind, with no clear upgrade path. The battery life wasn't as good as expected.


Easily the best value for the price, the Optik is actually a nice 3G tablet. The screen is very nice, and it's a great consumption device. If you're not expecting any type of 4G service in your area, and in the market for a tablet with a data plan, it's definitely worth a look.

Inside this review

More info

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Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration?

windows 8 explorer ribbon
Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have posted a second look at some of the early changes which have surface in Windows 8 milestone 3. First there was the restyled Welcome Screen, and now it appears that Microsoft is toying with bringing the Ribbon UI to Explorer.

The Ribbon, like in Microsoft Word and Excel, is context-aware, adding tabs for specific tasks which apply to the folder you're viewing -- such as library or picture management. You can also make out two new buttons in the status bar, which allow you to change the current folder's view style.

It's clear from all the placeholder images and repeated elements that this is very much a work in progress, but featuring the Ribbon more prominently in Windows 8 would certainly be a logical progression for Microsoft. It's slowly become more ubiquitous, moving beyond Office and into Wordpad, Paint, and several of the Windows Live Essentials applications.

There's more to the screenshots than the Ribbon UI, however. Our friend Long Zheng has noted two interesting elements in the images: Web sharing and sync (image after the break). That would likely mean users will be able to quickly upload files to SkyDrive and synchronize using Live Mesh right from Explorer in Windows 8. That's not a total surprise considering many of the earliest leaked images of Windows 8 showed Windows Live integration on the desktop.

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The MacPad Will Come - but Software Convergence Will Come First

Despite all the fantastic numbers delivered by Apple when it revealed its latest fiscal quarterly profits this week -- such as an eye-popping 94 percent net profit year-to-year increase -- one question and one rambling answer from Apple CEO Tim Cook made me sit up in my chair. The question: Will Apple create a converged iPad/MacBook with a built-in keyboard?


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Do you have Windows in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Remember the�Sony UX and OQO handheld PCs from several years ago? The Highton MI15 from Dynamism is a fresh new look at pocket PCs. And I’m not referring to the pocket PC PDAs of days gone by, I’m talking about a true PC in your pocket. The Highton runs a full version of Windows 7 [...]


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YouTube Live now streaming select partners in real time

Not content with limiting its dominance in streaming uploaded videos, YouTube is now ready to take on competitors like Justin.TV and Ustream. The new YouTube Live service is being rolled out to select YouTube partners and will enable real-time broadcasting. In its official announcement, Google states that "The goal is to provide thousands of partners with the capability to live stream from their channels in the months ahead."

You can check out live broadcasts at, where you'll also find a schedule of upcoming episodes from beta partners like Revision3 and Destructoid. You're also able to subscribe to YouTube Live broadcasts -- which will ensure you're notified when a new episode is coming up.

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Windows 8 App Store images leaked?

windows 8 app store
Windows 8 images continue to leak onto the Internet, despite Microsoft's wallpaper-based pleas to those with access to the early releases. Today's installment courtesy CNBeta shows the upcoming Windows App Store, which will likely feature prominently in Windows 8.

We've got our doubts about the authenticity of the image. In addition to showing several of the built-in games which already ship with Windows, Opera is listed -- and a competing browser seems like an odd inclusion this early on. Of course, with the browser ballot still in place in the EU for quite some time, Microsoft would probably need to include rivals like Opera and Firefox to stay out of trouble. We're also not sure why Clickgamer is shown beneath Angry Birds instead of Rovio -- the game's actual publisher.

It's still early, of course, so it's entirely possible that the Windows App Store image is genuine but merely using placeholder images and text for now. Anyone else thinking Windows Marketplace might be a more logical name? You know, to keep things consistent with Windows Phone and keep Apple's legal eagles at bay.

Windows 8 App Store images leaked? originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Panasonic Steals Crown for Giant 8k TV That Will Melt Your Face [TV]

We thought Sharp's eye-skewering, 85-inch 8k TV ad CES was an act of Zeus. It literally made us nauseous, it looked so good. But that's nothing, as of right now: Panasonic just dropped a 145-inch 7,680 x 4,320 mega-set. More »


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Forget Graphene, Silicene Is Here to Blow Your Mind [Materialist]

Remember how graphene, the single-atom thick layer of carbon was so slick it was going to change everything? Well it looks like silicene is here to steal the spotlight. Researchers have just made the first sheet of single-atom thick silicon. More »


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Leaked T-Mobile docs give ICS update schedule for Sensation 4G, Galaxy S II, and Amaze 4G

Sensation 4G

TmoNews got their hands on a leaked enterprise calendar from T-Mobile corporate, and tucked in the rest of the news was the proposed dates for the Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Sensation 4G, and the HTC Amaze 4G. I won't tease:

Of course things like this are subject to change, but the time frame sounds about right. Be on the lookout for ROMs to leak, we sure will be. 

Source: TmoNews


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